So What. Now?
Resiliency: An Epic Journey Through Cancer

A story, an unexpected hurdle, going forward


I often appreciate standard, typical, and expected. Routine brings a sense of security and expectations. Yet, it is not how I operate. Adventure and strength are magnets to me. Riding in a raft on a wild river and appreciating, at a deep level, the miracles all around is profound. Life flows like a river: with ups and downs, currents, levels of depth, wildness of waves, and a story to tell. Sometimes a river is known for its whitewater rapids.

Sometimes the situation presents level four or five whitewater waves for a person in a raft. Sometimes what is expected gets taken out by the unexpected. Welcome to life. A person’s early experiences take a role in living their life forward.

The ‘next generation’ is usually a recipient of traits such as drive, work ethic, resiliency, experiences, and stories from the former generation. The goal is to carry forward the good and make any needed changes for each individual’s life.

My two older sisters’, two younger brothers’, and I had a great mix of examples to learn from life experiences growing up. Our Mom is tough. She was born in 1927, so her childhood was during the depression. Her family lived on a farm and she slept on a mattress filled with straw. She is from a family of seven.

When she turned fourteen she was told to go find a job, which she did. Mom lived above the bakery where she worked and went to school. She worked from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., went to school, and worked again from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. She worked all day at the bakery on Saturdays too. She had two roommates who were also school girls.

Foreword by Diane Dodds

This book examines the cruelty of being dragged onto a path I did not want to be on. The disease pushed forcefully as my heels dug in..

Leaving battle lines etched like crevices every centimeter of the way. Finally I picked up each foot as it gave me more leverage and power to fight. The unthinkable war would demand life depth and strength at a heroic level. The focus on life outside of cancer was among my strongest weapons. Appreciating small things provided big strength . The love of being alive supported a powerful force against wickedness. Exploring who I was sounds reflective; there was no time for that. Drawing from resiliency through years of learned experiences became potent influences. The days and months fighting cancer cells seemed frozen in time.  Most of the things I knew as ‘daily living’ were altered. The yin and yang of life became glaring high powered lights beaming directly at me. Taking one day at a time but completely focusing on the ‘back to health’ life was paramount. Having a strong vision of a great outcome fueled extreme mental strength. Cancer is not who I am, it was a forced event.


What You’ll Learn

  1. Fear into courage
  2. Family foundation
  3. Breast density
  4. Food and exercise significance
  5. Supplement importance
  6. Nrf2 learn
  7. Beauty study
  8. Momentous change and flow
  9. Gift of life

The Author

Diane Rainey Dodds loves unicorns and the color purple

She is passionate about life.

Diane surrenders and is amazed at the ongoing mass rate of change. She embraces how the big world got small and bigger. She writes about yin and yang and balance.  She writes about a journey through breast cancer and the power of thinking forward. She loves people and being alone. She loves to laugh. Exercise and food are critical to her body and her brain. She adores high level thinkers. She appreciates seekers and doers creating positive directions.

Diane has always embraced the importance of a person being active. Her favorite game as a child was double jump rope. Food was always a hurried necessity. She became interested in what specific foods do for the body after she was informed breast cancer had developed. She advises caring about food now as she believes the focus was one of her healing tools. She loves dogs too.



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