Nature’s Hidden Beauty Tree Hug Rock Vision

This hidden nature vision was along the path we were hiking on.

We had been walking for miles and passed by this spectacular vision. We stopped and captured the picture which let our imaginations run wild.  What a gift! The tree’s roots showed a treasured piece of its foundation. What a beautiful way to grow.

I kept thinking what a wonderful hug this tree continued to give, even after its life had passed. Hopefully, we will all do that.


Brilliant sparkling rock vision with stripes of grey and white in a shape resembling a face wrapped by the roots of a fallen tree, the rock is raised from the ground and hugged by the roots

Our foundations are critical. Our roots matter.  An existence reminder. Showing strength even when we’re down fuels new growth. Rising to new levels.

How we choose to look at situations ignites who we are.

Continuing on to a different angle produced a new perspective. I could see humanness in nature’s art, yet, the height of the rock was masked.

A true vision of nature listening in the woods.  Do you see the face? The fancy hairdo? The protection of the roots? The beauty of the rock? Imagine the conversations and sounds over the centuries, as those in the woods passed by.

Vision of a beautiful rock with a white streak down the pointed middle and grey and white thich striped connected to the root of a tipped over tree with the rock lifted out of the ground and the tree root surrounding the rock shaped as a head

Wishing you hugs from your roots. Life rocks with hugs!

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