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  Diane Rainey Dodds was born in Iowa and loves to travel. Diane was an athlete as women’s sports were developing and participated in multiple sports, playing softball at the college level.

She appreciates people’s stories and learns from them. This is the main reason she authored, “So What. Now?”   

Diane has always embraced the importance of a person being active. Her favorite game as a child was double jump rope. Eating food was always a necessity. She became interested in what specific foods do for the body after she was informed breast cancer had developed. She advises caring about food now as she believes the focus was one of her healing tools.

Other tools included trust in her health care providers, specific supplements, Nrf2 Synergizer, exercise, family, inner drive, and a subconscious that was important to her belief of getting through the ordeal.

The positive use of time in a day has always been a constant foundation for Diane. There are twenty-four hours in a day for each person and how those seconds are used matters. How a person spends their time and money tells most of the story about an individual.

The philosophy on time use was also a critical tool during a harsh event. How to mentally handle the diagnosis became a path of fear to the core, growing into courage with immeasurable strength. If this story helps one person handle their harsh event, then it was worth sharing. Arms raised to the universe, palms open.

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