Raw Real Thought Provoking Chamath Palihapitiya Video Interview

A few minutes were open and I pressed play in the attached video. I wanted to shut it off a couple times but the content was too compelling.  Critical thinking skills are a powerful asset often not highlighted enough.

Remember the book The Five Agreements by Miguel Ruiz? The fifth agreement says to listen, be skeptical, and then decide. I believe these are superpowers we often give up when we get in a rut.  It can be easier to ‘exist’ than to actively ‘think and decide.’

And ‘what if’ we are being brainwashed and don’t know it?  Or at the least, fall into the ‘expected’ to follow trap?

Chamath Palihapitiya comes across as mindful, powerful, and thought-provoking.  


Are there things you are doing in your life you want to stop? How do you add actions you want to take, but haven’t yet?

Questions are powerful. Questions start change.

May 2018 be full of questions. May you make the energy to take action. We get one life.

Forward is powerful.

magnificent red rocks with a bright sun shining on half of them the other half in the dark shade with a pale blue sky above in Moab



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