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Breast Density Education Great Day!

National Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Month.   If we don't know about something that exists, does it still exist? Trust me, the answer is yes. A great resource to keep the education part going  http://densebreast-info.org/dense-breast-screening.aspx      Click the link to purchase ~  Kindle Book Sale, 'So What. Now?'                                                             50% off October 4th - 11th, 2017

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The Food Revolution Summit Shocking GMO Organic Importance You Decide

The Food Revolution Summit Revolution?  Too strong of a word?  Hmmm. Well, take this quiz and you decide: https://www.gmoquiz.com?orid=1210421&opid=241   Join the Pod!   Do you think you will get cancer? Neither did I.  Hopefully, you won’t! ‘Being tested’ for genetic markers happened after I was diagnosed with cancer. There were no known genetic causes.   I asked ‘why’ then, over and over. I did volunteer for the BEAUTY study, hoping to ...

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Information on Cancer Nrf2 Synergy Resiliency Appreciation

When deciding to write this book there were lessons and information that could help others: My choice was to stay on the path or get onto the bridge. I was walking along a mental path and saw the bridge ahead. Hiking on the wooden planks high above a wild river, was not a will to tell a story, it was a yearning for lessons to be learned. For others to find their take a ways and grow awareness, mattered. The hope is for individuals to gain information about: breast cancer, exercise, ...

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