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Breast Density Education Great Day!

National Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Month.   If we don't know about something that exists, does it still exist? Trust me, the answer is yes. A great resource to keep the education part going  http://densebreast-info.org/dense-breast-screening.aspx      Click the link to purchase ~  Kindle Book Sale, 'So What. Now?'                                                             50% off October 4th - 11th, 2017

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Educating on Breast Density and Why All White Can Hide Cancer on A Mammogram

There are many women in Iowa working for the complete information of a mammogram to be given to every woman.  After a mammogram is taken a breast density letter (A,B,C,D) is part of the report, do you know yours? Do you know what the density letter assigned to your image means? A leader, Bridget Pargulski has also made the following website available to educate on 'why' knowing your density matters.   http://www.iowabreastdensity.com Over 22 states have passed a law for women to have ...

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